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Your browser is obsolete. He is known for safety defects and you cannot use all the features of this and other Web sites displayed. More information about how to update your browser. MARTIEN LandslideIn of scientific test December 2008 announced the largest slide ever found. The right in the northern hemisphere of Mars by very irregular curls is separated on the basis of a huge asteroid impact of billions years. Land of Arabia, an unknown woman between the two regions, tea will be immediately after the collision caused by a huge landslide. The land masses forming Saudi Land slid northward was the size of the United States. A landslide is the movement of rock, Earth, or debris on an incline, section d of the country. Landslides caused by rain, volcano and earthquake s or other factors that make the slope unstable. . Geologist, scientists who study the Earth's physical education sometimes described as a kind of mass wasting, landslides. A mass movement is any downward movement against the Earth, the door here. Other types of mass wasting rocks contain's Bank and the river called alluvial deposits. . Near populated areas, landslides have goods and people's great danger. Cause landslides, estimated to be 25-50 dead and 3. 5 billion in damages each year in the United States. Geology refers to the material's characteristic. The soil or rock can be broken or weak d or layers have different strengths and stiffness. Morphology refers to the structure of the country. For example, runways, who missed their vegetation fire or drought are more vulnerable to landslides. Vegetation holds the soil in place and without the system root, it is the land of trees, shrubs and other plants, go further. A classic morphological landslides caused land erosion or weakening of the Earth by water. The city has known in April 1983, thistle, Utah, a devastating flood caused by heavy rain and melting snow faster. Finally, a total land mass of 305 meters wide, 61 meters thick and 6 1 kilometers (a mile long, 1000 feet wide and 200 meters thick) slipped in the Spanish Fork River, Ming contain it and break the lines of railway and highway engineering the collapse more expensive than the u. s. caused more than $ 400 million of damage and destruction of thistle, the history, a draining rest d ghost town today. Humans, such as agriculture and construction, increase the risk of a collapse. Loss of water, deforestation, excavation and irrigation are some of the common tasks that may contribute to destabilize or weaken, pending. There are many ways to describe a landslide. The nature of landslide movement and the nature of the materials involved are among the most common. In waterfalls and revers, heavy blocks of material fall after separation of an earring or a cliff. Rock down a slope would fall or roll. The surface of the material is separated from the background more stable than s. exceptional concentration translational slide an earthquake can this kind of slide loosen the top layer of soil from the Earth, heavy shaking. A lateral extension or the flow is the movement of materials, on the side or on the side. This occurs when a powerful force, as an earthquake, the Earth as a liquid, it is fast. A landslide can include Pierre, soils, vegetation, water or a combination of all these. A landslide caused by a volcano can contain hot volcanic ash and lava of the eruption. A landslide in high mountains have snow and sleet. Volcanic landslides, also known as s, include lahar to more devastating landslides. Sport in the history of the 1980 eruption was slip of Mount St. Helens in Washington State, United States. The flow of ash, rocks, soil, vegetation and water, with a volume of about. 2.9 km from cubes (from 0 to 7 cubic miles) and covers an area of 62 square kilometers (24 square miles). Another factor, which may be the speed of movement is important for the description of landslides. Some landslides travel many meters per get pregnant fast book second, while others, along an inch or two to the flow of the year. Consider the amount of water, ice or air on Earth. Landslides to expel poisonous gases under the direction of volcanoes included in the depths of the Earth. Landslide, avalanche of mud called s that contain a large amount of water and move very quickly. Complex landslides that consists of a combination of different materials or movement. Illustrations, photos, audio and video images, media accredited except promotion under the value of the goods, which have a link to another page, which contains the average credit. The owner of the rights by means of communication is credited with the person or group. Some media (videos, photos, audio and PDF files) can be downloaded and used outside the national geographic site according to the conditions. If the media is loaded, a drain on the lower right button appears (Media Viewer). If the button is not listed, do not download or save the media. .