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HIVA OA is the second island of the archipelago of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, an overseas territory in the Pacific ocean. Is the largest island in the Southern Group of the archipelago of the Marquesas 9 45' South latitude and W length is 139. The local religion, the gods created the Islands as their homeland. Therefore, all the Islands have names associated with the construction of a House. HIVA OA means long ridge. Pre-European, the island has been divided almost evenly in the province in the West of Nuku and Pepane East. HIVA OA is the largest and most fertile South of the Marquesas Islands, Nuku HIVA in size. Similar to most HIVA-OA, Marquesas features Cliff increased abruptly from the sea in volcanic mountains within the column, we have isolated the ridges and deep valleys. Unlike most of the other islands of Polynesia, close to the Ecuador protecting from the ravages of HIVA-OA edge of sea coral reefs and only a few protected moorings and beaches along the coast are scattered. Travel is a boat along the coast, because most of the lands of the coast is very resistant in the streets. Some roads intersect in the Interior and the coast of villages and hamlets. Atuona airport is situated at an altitude of 1481 metres (451), on a plateau near the center of the island and has asphalt 3. 986 feet (1, 215 m) with daily flights to the other islands of the Marquesas and Tahiti has emerged from a track. HIVA OA is separated from the island of Tahuata South by a 2. 5 miles (4. 0 km) wide a channel called ' ava or canale di Bordeaux. Temperatures in the Marquesas Islands are stable throughout the year, but get pregnant fast after depo rainfall is highly variable. Precipitation is much higher in some parts of Northern and Eastern Islands (to the wind) and much less in the West (Leeward side). Drought, sometimes for several years, are common and appear to be associated with the del NiƱo phenomenon. These statues called Tiki of Pierre and are abundant in HIVA OA, especially in the field of village Puama ' u in the North Coast. The year 2012, the population of HIVA OA 2. 190, which was Acounda in 1845 and 345 in the village of Puama ' u lived,. .